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Creator of quality perfumes and cosmetics, the ARTHES Group coordinates all the steps for the creation of a perfume: from the concept to the finished product, passing through the promotion and the distribution of the products.

The ARTHES Group’s marketing and design teams develop innovative projects that will be created thanks to the internal Research & Development laboratory.


is in line with the specific characteristics of each region of the world, each typology of distribution network

conducts market research,

develops the “brief” proposed to our designers and carefully selected perfumers.


are specialized in 3D, web, technical drawings, artworks, watercolors and photography,

define the perfumes and cosmetics graphic universe,

create the bottle, the box, the POS materials, etc.

All of our bottles and packagings are original designs, created specifically for our brands or for other companies working with the Private Label department.

R & D department:

develops all the formulas of the ARTHES Group’s cosmetics, as well as for other brands: shower creams, exfoliating shower gels, body lotions, face creams, hand creams…

is always looking for new raw materials and new natural and innovative ingredients in terms of galenic and effectiveness.,

is in constant improvement regarding formulas and their sensoriality.

“Since the laboratory was inaugurated, we have been working every day to improve the quality of our formulas and have a more natural approach. Indeed for our ingredients we favour regional ingredients among others. We put a lot of heart and soul into the sensoriality of our products and develop even more pleasing textures to better stand out. All the products are made in the purest French tradition in partnership with the Master perfumers of Grasse.”

R&D Laboratory Manager