Joining the ARTHES Group means to share a passion for perfume and beauty. It also enables the development of quality products, at affordable prices.

To support its expansion in France and internationally, the ARTHES Group is looking for new talent !
Send us your CV and cover letter to the following address : recrutements@groupe- arthes.com.

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Junior Project Manager M/F

Contract type: 6 months fixed term contract
Location: Travel abroad is to be expected, specific to their zone. Presence at head office in Grasse, the rest of the time.
Salary: according to profile (fixed + variable)

About the job posting The ARTHES Group, a major player ...

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Line operator

Type of contract: Permanent
Location: Grasse (Headquarters)
Starting date: as soon as possible
Hours: available positions in the morning shift (6am-1.20pm) and afternoon shift (1.20pm- 9pm)
Salary: according to profile

About the job posting The ARTHES group, specializing in the ...

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Regional Export Manager

Type of contract: Permanent Full time
Location: International travel is expected (30 to 40% of the time). Presence at our headquarters in Grasse is required
Salary: according to profile (fixed + variable)

About the job posting The ARTHES Group, a major player ...

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Chaine d’usine du groupe Arthes

"Inspiring my management team and employees by insisting on compliance with the United Nations Global Compact, is my commitment to making my company a place where everyone can thrive."

Thibaud Perrin


We believe that investing in people is the key to our success, both today and for the future. Our strength lies in the diversity of our businesses and the ability of our team to be agile, creative and resilient. For over 40 years, the passion and expertise of each of our employees has enabled us to challenge the values of the perfume and cosmetics industry while preserving our family spirit.
Our conviction : to prioritise people’s needs by focusing our HR strategy on 5 fundamental pillars, that allow us to build a strong relationship with existing employees whilst attracting new talent.
- developing collective skills,
- developing individual performance,
- ensuring health and safety,
- improve the well-being and quality of life at work
- sharing our values and expertise and making ARTHES a strong employer brand, that makes its employees proud.
Furthermore, we are particularly interested in respecting gender parity by focusing our efforts on empowering women, who represent half of the world's population and half of our management committee. They play a major role in rethinking the future of beauty. In line with our HR policy and in accordance with the law for the freedom to choose one's professional future enacted on September 5, 2018, the ARTHES Group is publishing its Professional Gender Equality index for the year 2022 (relating to the data for the year 2021) :

Indicators taken into account for
the assessment of the Gender Equality
Index Points achieved / maximum points of
calculable indicators
Pay gap 39 / 40
Difference in personal increase rates 35 / 35
Percentage of employees receiving an increment after returning
from maternity leave
0 / 15
Number of employees of the under-represented
gender in the top 10 earners
10 / 10
INDEX 84 / 100

The ARTHES group

Established since 1978 in the heart of the Bois de Grasse, the ARTHES Group, creator of quality perfumes and cosmetics, develops its products in the purest French tradition.



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